Ackerman, X-Noir Rose Brut

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Ackerman, X-Noir Rose Brut

Style: Rose, dry, sparkling

Grape: Chenin Noir

Region: Loire


X-Noir Brut NV is made of 100% Pino d-Aunis (or Chenin Noir) – a unique, ancient red grape which almost became extinct. Having no relation with Pinot Noir nor Chenin Blanc, it is named X-Noir, with its mysterious black bottle as a reminder that the grape variety dates back to the dark mists of time.

Pale pink with steady fine bubbles, X-Noir has aromas of distinct white pepper, raspberry and cherry which are unique to this rare variety. This is a lively, well balanced delight with a fruity and white peppery finish.

Serving guide:

Superb as an aperitif or with a cold seafood platter