Vino Moscato Dolce Spumante

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Casa Martelletti

Vino Moscato Dolce Spumante

Style: White, sparkling, sweet (6.5% alcohol)

Grape: Moscato

Region: Piedmont


Straw yellow in colour, fine and persistent ‘perlage’ (bubbles); aromatic with white flowers and peach with sweet notes of candied fruit; balanced taste.

Serving guide:

Serve chilled, around 4-10°C

As a refreshing drink on its own, or mix with peach puree to create a Bellini, or with food, as below.

Food pairing suggestions:

- Maple glazed ham
- Roast chicken with apricot glaze
- Cranberry and walnut salad

- 薑蔥龍蝦麵
- 醬爆雞丁
- 麻辣火鍋