Alicante Bouschet

Alicante Bouschet, thought by some to be an indigenous Portuguese grape, in fact originated from France, and is a cross between Petite Bouschet and Grenache.

Today, this red-fleshed grape variety (teinturier) is best grown and known in the hot, sunny southern region of Portugal, Alentejo, and is becoming the flagship grape of the region.

While most of the wines from Alentejo, and indeed the whole of Portugal, are blends, Alicante Bouschet is increasingly being produced as a single varietal wine, showcasing a profile of rich, dark, succulent black and blue fruit, vibrant acidity, but with a spectrum of texture in tannin.

This big, bold wine pairs wonderfully with roasted or smoked meat, a charcuterie board, or grilled vegetables.


Herdade do Rocim

2018 Rocim Alicante Bouschet

HK$ 163.00

750 ml