25 June is International Rosé Day

With summer upon us, there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a refreshing glass of chilled rosé on your balcony, or with your picnic, or while watching the Euro!

Choose from our selection of trendy pink Prosecco from Veneto, Italy; or demi-sec rosé from the Loire, France; or an elegant rosé champagne from the Champagne region.



Ackerman, X-Noir Rose Brut

HK$ 200.00

Full bottle (750ml)

Remy Pannier

2017 Remy Pannier, Rose d'Anjou

HK$ 110.00

Full bottle (750ml)


Spumante “Santhomas” Rose Brut

HK$ 138.00

Full bottle (750ml)

Guy Charlemagne

Brut Rose Champagne

HK$ 400.00

Full bottle (750ml)