Chenin Blanc

Celebrate International Drink Chenin Blanc Day, which falls on 18 June this year.

This native of the Loire Valley in France, where it goes by the name Pineau, showcases itself in our collection in the form of an off-dry version, with a beguiling fresh acidity, bursting with grapefruit and almond flavours. Perfect when chilled for a hot June day, it will pair nicely with Southeast Asian food or lightly curried dishes.

The gem of our collection, though, is a moelleux from Bonnezeaux - a golden wine made from Chenin Blanc grapes affected by botrytis, with layers of honey and balanced out of a crisp acidity.

These grapes, affected by noble rot, are hand picked by multiple passes through the vineyard over a period of days or weeks. Only the ripest grapes and those affected by botrytis are picked.

Bacco’s selection


2013 Ackerman, Bonnezeaux Blanc "Secret des Vignes"

HK$ 375.00



2012 Saumur AOC “Secret des Vignes” Blanc

HK$ 225.00

Full bottle (750ml)